Lead Generation Has Taken A New Face

In the 80’s and early 90’s lead generation was easy and it is during that time that people who were involved in online marketing made a killing. All one had to do is set up a website and within no time hordes of traffic would come their way. In those days, just listing your links on open directories was enough to make your site appear on first page of search engines.

The reason for this was that there was no much competition then but today, lead generation is no longer a fairy tale. Quite a number of people have given up on their sites because the traffic they thought they would generate never came. Today, lead generation is very competitive.

There are millions of websites on the internet and thousands are launched each day. People who are making in it nowadays are those that are working tactfully, with determination, patience and persistence. You need to utilize all avenues of gaining online visibility especially on search engines.

The best strategy, is to implement all the available marketing tools like link building, social media marketing, social bookmarking, article marketing, listing on business directories and video marketing just to mention a few. In short, spend each day looking for avenues of broadcasting your website link.

Join online forums and share your opinions not forgetting to include a link back to your site on the signature box. Read blogs in your niche and post quality comments. Soon enough you will get lead generation from those sites and also from search engines due to your link popularity.

Rather than create a beautiful website and sit hoping engines will notice you and bring traffic, start doing something right aware. Long gone are those days when getting listed on first page of Yahoo or Google was easy. Lead generation is now for those people who take action and do not give up along the way.

If you want to know what lead generation is all about, read the story of Google and what it took to become a household name. The founders, Brin and Page launched their site in the late 90’s and used all the strategies in the book to generate leads to their site. They did press releases, interviews and many other basic promotional strategies which are basic and you too can do them.

There are over 85 proven strategies of lead generation if you use just half of them then attracting traffic will be definite.

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Just from the sound of it the words online home business may appear like impossible. This is because working from home may prove to be a bit challenging. Apart from the eager to go get a power nap after a heavy lunch, there are other more pressing issues to deal with. Online business success is centered on making the right moves and identifying the best marketing strategies.

Not all online home business opportunities are good; you need to have an eye of identifying the right programs to enroll in. Just because the owner has a posted a great marketing pitch does not mean you rush to join without consulting. The best approach is to find out from other people their experiences with the program. This is when online business forums become integral.

There is more to just having a blog or website in place. Even after you have made your site look attractive and placed the best MLM and affiliate programs, you need leads. This is where most people encounter real challenges. Most of the time when starting an online home business, you may be having a very limited budget. The beauty of the internet is that you can still promote your business links for free.

Some recommended strategies for promoting your online home business include article marketing, joining online business forums, joining blog carnivores just to mention a few. The best aspect of these online marketing strategies is that you will generate free web traffic that is targeted. Remember, you need to be consistent if you are to succeed in online promotion.

You may ask and which are the best online home business opportunities to enroll in? For a long time now people have been earning money online without investing a single dime from affiliate programs. Multi level marketing has also made many achieve financial freedom. Therefore, realize that with determination, patience and the right knowledge business from home can be quite fulfilling.

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On our series about the best online promotion strategies we have dealt with several of these tactics (view the previous updates on this blog). Today we will discuss another set of marketing ideas you can implement to help you make quick money online from home.

Here are other vital online marketing strategies to implement:

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC): Ideally this is the kind of advertising where webmasters pay to list their websites, products or services on search engine result pages for their targeted keywords. Marketers normally bid and the higher one bids the higher your advert will be placed on search engine lists.

Just as the term pay per click suggests, you pay only when people click on your advertisements. This online promotion tactics is so good in that both newbies and online veterans can perform it. Unlike article marketing and forum marketing where it takes some time before getting traffic, PPC helps you generate traffic right away.

Apart from search engines, there are web publishers that also offer PPC advertisements on their websites. Generally, these are sites that have over time been able to generate very high quality traffic. One good example of a PPC advertising program is Google Adsence.

The main advantage of pay per click campaign is that you pay for actual visits to your blog or website. The visibility you get is immediate and you determine how much you want to spend. In addition, you can easily monitor how your campaigns are performing thus know the right keywords to use.

On the other hand, you need to know there are search engines that offer incentives for people to click on PPC ads; you have to stay clear of such programs. This is because most of the time such visits will not be unique.

To fully take advantage of this online promotion techniques try wearing the shoes of your potential buyers. Think of the keywords that potential customers are likely to use when searching the internet for the products you have to offer. There are tools like the website Work Tracker to help you use the correct keyword phrases.

Do not make a blunder to waste your cash on keywords that have fewer searches. Instead go for key terms that have high searches but low competition.

This are just some of the basics of PPC marketing, on a later date we will go into details on making sure your campaigns work for you perfectly.

Viral Marketing: This is where a marketing message is passed on from one person to another. In fact, it encourages readers to tell another folks either through email or word of mouth. The success of this kind of online promotion really depends on the number of people that get a marketing message and the percentage of that number that decides to pass it on.

There are two kinds of viral marketing campaigns and the first one is where one starts a direct product campaign. Here the product is made visual for example on YouTube or through sending emails. Then the other is where a marketer sends out messages that spread out but in the messages there are no products.

For a marketing campaign to be considered viral it has to touch people in such a way that they forward the message or product to their friends. A good case in point was Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. The message he carried of saying “Yes We Can” turned viral and soon enough everyone was talking about him.

Therefore, in order for viral marketing to be effective you need to pass on campaigns that are interesting and if it’s a product it should be a great one.

Forum Marketing: On the internet there are sites that are launched to act as hubs for people in a certain niche to hook up and share ideas. These online forum communities are a good source to help you research and more so learn stuff you never knew in your industry. Here you get to hear from gurus or experts in your industry.

This style of online promotion may not bare quick results like PPC advertisements but the long term effects are very good. In most online forums when you register you are not allow to immediately start your own threads though you can still contribute by commenting on other people’s posts. So as your forum marketing strategy to be effective make sure that your comments are helpful. Giving useful remarks that are educative will lead to members wanting to know more about you and what you have to offer.

The power of forum promotions comes in that members are allowed to add a signature in their account details. This is the most important field to fill since every time you post a thread or share a comment the signature will be attached.

In most forum sites one is able to add anchor text and thus ensure you use your targeted keywords and website link. This means if you share informative content people will easily click on your hyperlinks hence end up on your home page. Also it will help you get backlinks and we know link popularity leads to high search engine placement.

Since it takes time before you can be considered an authority in your niche, you have to be patient. In the long run forum webmasters will give you a pass to even start your own marketing campaigns thereby generate more online sales leads.

Classified Advertisement: Presently, online marketers have avoided talking of this kind of advertising and yet it is a great marketing arsenal. Classified advertisements are brief messages arranged in specific categories such as jobs, automobiles, computers, furniture in a newspaper or magazine catalogues. In most cases, these adverts contain online text messages without any images.

On the net there are many sites that offer these services; some are paid while others are free of charge. It is advisable to go for paid classified ads since it will guarantee your advert will last longer. Since many people go for free advertisement, it has become very competitive.

The other disadvantage of free classified advertisement is that you have to keep on submitting your advert all the time since your advert will be pushed down with new advertisements. This means that for you to get visitors you have to constantly be online to post your campaigns.

The advantage of classifies advertisement sites is that they have lots of traffic and thus search engines crawl such website very often for new content.  Therefore, these sites are a good source for creating backlinks to your blog or website. Make sure you submit your web links on top rated classified sites in order to better your search engine optimization for your relevant keywords.

Making online money is about using the right marketing tools. If you can succeed in generating targeted online traffic then online money making will be easy for you. The secret is to combine several online promotion strategies in your marketing campaigns.

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SEO Article Writing Techniques

Despite the numerous debates on best online marketing strategies, SEO article writing has proved to be beyond reproach. The tricky part is to make sure that your target market finds your articles when they search the internet. This is what then brings me to my topic on best search engine optimization (SEO) article writing techniques.

In addition, the other thing to consider in SEO article writing is making sure your article is picked by publishers, thus helping you broadcast your articles on the internet.

Here are some simple proven tactics to take up:-

• Choosing the appropriate keyword phrase is the first thing you need to get right before drafting an article. Research well using tools like “Google insight for search” and “Google keyword tool”. This ensures you pick keywords that have moderate competition and still have high search volume. Do not make a mistake of going for phrases that have very high competition otherwise your article may never be found.

• For example if you what to write about “making money”, I discovered this keyword has about “180,000,000” search results which makes it very competitive. On further research using the tools I mentioned above you will notice that there are other highly searched and less competitive keywords like “money making opportunities”.

• You may ask me how I determine the competitiveness of a keyword since it is vital in SEO article writing success. All you need to do is, in the Google search box insert the words “allintitle:” followed by your keywords, in our case it will be “allintitle:money making opportunities”. This show other sites using the same keywords. You can still do more investigations and find other targetable keyword phrases that suit your article.

• The title plays a pivotal role in SEO article writing. The idea is to make sure that you include your keywords in your heading and preferably at the beginning.

• Throughout the body of your article ensure that you also use the keywords. But remember to be careful not to overuse keywords, online marketing experts recommend your keywords should be 3% of the article. Failing to use your opted keywords will mean that search engines will not know what your article is all about. While over using your keywords will make your article to be considered as spamming.

Use your keywords at the beginning and the end of the body of the article making sure they make sense to your readers. This will ensure your articles are picked by publishers and article directories. This are some simple rules to follow to make sure your articles appear on the first or second page of Google.

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For newbies who don’t know what blog SEO stands for; it simply stands for blog search engine optimization. Currently the best strategy to get unique visitors to your website or blog is via search engines. As for the answer to my question about blog SEO, definitely you must learn how to optimize your blog so as to attract targeted sales leads.

Here are some simple but important things to consider when it comes to search engine marketing:

Design: Engine spiders have of late taken an approach towards rating sites that are user friendly. It therefore becomes imperative that you choose templates that are going to improve your visitor’s experience. As you make your blog more usable and easy to navigate through for your site guests, search engine bots are going to favor you in their Algorithms.

*Today it would be suicidal to approach internet marketing without taking into consideration of white hat blog SEO. Hence when you design a blog make certain that you have taken into account strategies of SEO planning.

*Recently on this blog we shared on the new rules of search engine optimization and one of the points you need to know when it comes to having an attractive website.

Keyword Terms: The beauty of using keyword phrases within your blog is that you can generate free website traffic. For those who have cash and hence have allocated a huge budget, for that’s what it will take to advertise their blog online, you can ignore this point. Personally, am yet to come across a better and free online marketing strategy like keyword optimization.

The secret to keyword optimization is simple:

Make full use of your Title tags, Description tags and Keyword tags. Before you launch a blog ensure that you have identified the best keyword phrases to use on your blog. Use tools like “Google Keyword Tool”, “Google Trends” or “Keyword Tracker” to get common keyword terms that people in your niche search for when they browse the internet.

Also when getting a domain name, ensure that it is rich in keywords.

The idea here is to identify keyword phrases to target then go ahead and include them in your HTML title. Repeat the same keyword terms in your blog description segment. Avoid mentioning your keyword phrases so many times or your site may be marked as spam by search engine bots.

To avoid this, on every blog post you publish target different keyword phrases. Mention the keywords at least 2 to 3 time in the body of your blog post not forgetting to include it in your title as earlier discussed.

When you implement the above blog SEO tactics you make is easy for search engines and your targeted audience to know exactly what your blog theme is all about.

Note: After you have come up with a good HTML title, make sure that your body content is good enough to support your site subject matter. Share informative and helpful content and you can be sure to retain visitors on your site for longer periods thus convince then to buy your affiliate products and this is how to make money online.

Link Building: Ideally links within and without your blog help both search engines spiders and site visitors navigate your site. In fact, links are the driving force of search engine marketing. This means that you must work on your internal link formation so as to make it easy for site guests to move from one web page to another.

This is where having a side bar comes into play since it makes your site friendly. Make sure your categories section is easily accessible. Normally it should take at least 3 seconds for your readers to find your categories section.

Your footer links are also good tools to take advantage of to help both visitors and search engine crawlers to access different web pages within your blog.

Note: For effective blog SEO processes link pages within your site to one another. On every post make sure you have a link for your visitors to click on that will take them to another page within your blog. This also helps search engines bots to identify all pages and products in your site or blog.

It’s good you first take in and implement these strategies that have just been shared then next week there will be much more in-depth secrets to learn.

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What does the term ‘Mortgage Leads’ refer to?

The term ‘Mortgage Leads’ refer to valuable information on potential customers who prefer the mortgage option and are searching for one. Leads have an important role to play in entrepreneurial industries such as real estate as well as lending.

The reason behind this is that mortgage realtors will fell the shortage of money if they do not have good clients.

Leads have become very essential for sales related business and thus it has been witnessed that most businessmen have started offering leads for free to sales person. In order to get mortgage leads mortgage brokers pay their feeds monthly or even annually and there are times when they have to pay per lead.

These leads are being purchased with the hope that while the brokers contact any potential client they might be able to convert them eventually to paying clients. The chances of leads getting converted to permanent customers are quite high and that is why brokers spent a lot of money on leads.

How Can You Purchase The Best Mortgage Leads?

When it comes to purchasing mortgage leads you should always ensure that you buy the best ones available that will earn you more profit. In this case, a homework or research is essential for finding the better lead providers.

There are a number of lead providers in the mortgage industry but you cannot expect them to get the same quality of leads from everyone. Some generates leads through marketing campaign or extensive database while others prefer to generate leads specifically.

It is best to purchase leads from a company that ensures that you get the highest possible leads as far as quality is concerned. It should be kept in mind that the company you are choosing should specialize in providing the best mortgage leads so that the profit earned is appreciable.

Even buy to let mortgages also provides you a good source of income if everything falls in place.

Another thing that one should do before purchasing mortgage leads is researching on the company that they are planning to hire. There are a few questions that should have an answer before you confirm a particular company.

  • Does the company have any return policy?
  • What is the experience of the company in mortgage business?
  • Have you come across any reviews about the company or their leads?
  • Do you know anyone who has previously dealt with the company?

If you have positive answers to these questions, you can begin your dealings with the company. Otherwise if you do not earn more, you will always be wondering what exactly went wrong.

mortgage leads

How will you earn more money with Mortgage Leads?

  1. In order to earn more income with mortgage leads the very first thing that you can do is close some kind of business related to leads which you have purchases. What you need to do is work the leads and make every kind of effort to close business associated with leads. Closing loans can get you good ROI and act as a form of investment from the leads you have purchased. If you did not research well and ended up in buying poor quality leads, closing some business would be difficult for you. But there is nothing to panic. You still have ways to generate more money from the leads you have purchased. If you are not able to close any business due to a few problems, you should follow some recommendations. The first thing that you should do in this case is contact your leads provider and tell them your situation. It is always suggested to speak rather than sending emails, it might not help.  A long discussion might help you in convincing your lead provider eventually and earn you a few more leads considering your poor situation. Additionally, you should give your best to make these newly purchased leads work for you and contact as many potential customers as you can. You might not turn every customer you speak to into paying customers but chances of earning increases substantially.
  1. Next in line, is to maintain a follow up system for your clients. As far as long term plans are concerned, you should set up a follow up system for your clients with whom you have already done business and even those you have had a talk but the conversation wasn’t fruitful enough to start a business. You should follow up with the potential clients at daily intervals as this gives you a chance of getting good business in near future. A consistent effort to maintain good relationship with clients is necessary.
  1. Another very good method of earning money with mortgage leads is setting up a system of repeat business and referrals. Many mortgage loan providers follow a referral process and usually offer rewards or incentives for referral business. For instance, you buy a mortgage lead and then close a loan. Through follow up, this lead gives you a referral of some family member or friend or may be another client in near future for another loan then you can almost triple your total income with these mortgage leads.

Mortgage leads is a serious business that can help in earning you a lot of extra money. If you haven’t used your leads for increasing your income then you are surely missing out a considerable part of income. So don’t let go your opportunity, use your mortgage leads to earn more money.

Author Bio:

Jonny Pean maintains a website of his own related to mortgage leads. His articles about mortgage calculator are well appreciated by his readers.

Examining your article marketing campaign is an important ingredient of determining your web business progression. This post will aim to inform you on the ideal modes of telling if your article submission tactic is indeed doing the job or not.

Generally in most situations, web based business individuals find it difficult to figure out which indicators truly show whether they are on the correct path in terms of article marketing.

There are numerous indicators to consider and these include things like link popularity, article unique views and clicks or the volume of targeted visitors gained through your article content.

Instead of getting confused and speculating which are the ideal pointers to keep in mind whenever rating your marketing strategy success? This is what you need to do.

The best tactic is to routinely (once per month could be ideal) collect the stats of the these few pointers.

a. Evaluate if your website visitors brought in by your articles are increasing and know which locations are they coming from

b. View your backlinks increase using a tool like linkpopularity.com

c. Look at your site ranking on the search engines using a software like Rank checker

d. Search if you may be appearing in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd page of the big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for your keyword-phrases.

Come up with a nice graph or chart and at a given date of every calendar month assess your article marketing progress. By documenting all those stats on a single page you’ll have an even better look at exactly how your article promotion is getting along.

It actually is important to remember that on the subject of web marketing using article marketing, it will require time, patience, commitment and a willingness to learn. Which means that, from the onset be open minded to fresh and smarter writing techniques.

article marketing

Be patient even while you evaluate your growth given that it may be sluggish in the beginning, even so the end product will definitely leave you amazed and thrilled.

Through practical experience, web-based article marketing normally takes a period of six months before you can begin to see genuine rise in inbound links, web targeted traffic and a top page position. This can be due to the fact that search engines like Yahoo and Google require around 3 to 6 months to Crawl and index fresh backlinks pointing back to your blog or website.

There are many viral marketing strategies in the market but currently micro-blogging tops the list. As an online business person by now you have noticed how people are cashing in from viral marketing software. But if you do not have the money to invest in a software the best tactic is joining sites like twitter, yammer and Plurk just to mention a few.

This article will discuss the advantages of micro-blogging:

Easy to use: Appearance of your blog determines reader retention thus you need to spend quite some time designing. But with the introduction of one line blogging (Microblogs) you do not have to worry about templates, text font and page layouts.

Mobile compatibility: Currently almost everyone has a mobile phone. Just imagine the viral marketing effect this can have on your online business links. The advantage comes in that you can connect your phone to these social media websites like twitter and identi.ca, talk of doing business on the move.

Swiftness: If you want to reach people from all walks of life fast then microblogging is the way to go. You can network and connect to people you will maybe never meet face to face in the remotest parts of the world. Site like twitter have a feature called “Retweet”, where your followers can send your message to their followers and their followers, followers. Now if this is not real viral marketing then I do not know what is. All this can be achieved in amazing speeds.

Immediate responses: Now with this kind of blogging where users are connected to these sites full time, you can get responses in real-time. It does not matter the time lines of your network, for as long as they are online they will get your message and respond to it immediately.

Fun: The thought of receiving real-time messages is quite a thrill; this has even been enhanced with mobile blogging. You can get the latest gossips and news within a flash thus bringing out the full viral marketing capabilities caused by micro-blogs.

Next time we will be talking of the disadvantages of micro-blogs so keep in touch.

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When writing to increase web traffic to your site from search engines you need to also ensure your readers delight. Picture your site ranking high on search engine listing. Now just contemplate the content on your web pages luring your readers to take action. This can be achieved by capturing the minds of your visitors by posting engaging and informative content.

You might be saying that attaining top search engine results and pleasing your readers at the same time is impossible, think again. This article will discuss on how you can delight both search engines and your target audience. Yes, talk of turning your web traffic into cash.

If your content is not seen by your target audience because of low ranking on engines, then you might as well re-strategize. On the other hand, if you get high web traffic from optimizing your website for high engine listing and the content is unreadable, be sure your bounce rate will be high. It is obvious you want to achieve both.

Here are some simple tips:

Site Appearance: The first impression really matters when it comes to turning your web traffic into money. The layout of your web pages should be pleasing to the eye. Make sure the fonts and the style you use are easy to read. To ensure this, make the background of your site have a light color preferably white.

Paragraphs should be short: Write your content in point form by using bullets, subheadings and bolded words. In short, break up your information and avoid writing in big blocks. This will make it easy for readers to identify the key things on your pages.

Write to talk: At all times remember to have your readers’ interest at heart. Visualize your visitors experience as you post content. Content turns intriguing when it communicates directly to the readers therefore let your posts appear like a conversations. When writing, use the word “you” rather than using “I”.

Delighting Search Engines: Before you write have a theme. This will help you focus on one issue and one keyword per page. There are people to date that target more than one keyword on a single web page thinking it will increase engine ranking thus web traffic. When you use many keywords on a single page you will end up writing something that is not readable.

Therefore, choose a single theme for every page and determine which keyword phrase you will optimize on. This way you will rank high on search engines and eventually generate web traffic and readable content.

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I hope we are all aware of the new search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms that are in place now? It is imperative that you know the new tactics to use since the strategies people used a year or two ago would easily hurt your website rankings.

In the early 1990’s when search engine optimization began, rules never really applied. Online marketers applied Wild West methods to rank, those days almost anything worked.

But currently SEO rules keep changing all the time. In fact, in the year 2010 and 2011 the rules have kept on altering more than they have been doing in the last 10 years put together.

Now let us discuss the cream of it all and what you need to know and learn in order to succeed in search engine optimization.

1. Site Appearance has suddenly become a vital aspect of search engine optimization. Google has now included on the side of their page listing a small thumbnail view. The same applies to Bing, in fact Bing were the first to add this feature.

This preview mode feature will help internet browsers to see an instant preview of a site or blog thus decide if they will click on it or not. Therefore, you need to invest in making sure your homepage is attractive enough to compel people to visit your site.

2. Before, engines like Bing were never considered by marketers as places to optimize for. But this is not the case anymore since they joined forces with Yahoo. In short, am saying that it is a high time you thought to optimize your site to rank on Bing.

Do this by coming up with good article titles that are rich with your major keywords phrases. Also, your description should be rich with the same keyword terms.

The body of your content must contain your main keywords; mention them at least three times after every one hundred words. Note: do not over load your content with same keywords or your site may be considered as spam.

3.      Claim your Google Places listing right now. You can do this by visiting “places.google.com/business”. What Google is trying say to online marketers is to take advantage of their local traffic.

Note: If you begin to notice a decline on traffic to your site or blog get your pals to tell you what they think of your site appearance compared to other sites in your niche (read 1 above).

Anyway do not worry; you still can succeed in search engine optimization since all of these rules apply to all individuals/webmasters. Just take time to learn them and how to apply them correctly.

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