7 SEO Tips To Help Your Website Earn More

With internet becoming an important platform for information dissemination SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a tool has also gained undeniable prominence.

However with millions of websites already existing and a lot more coming up every single day the competition to rank higher in the search engine pages is higher.  If your website is not in the top 2-3 pages of the search engine it means that you are losing out on your business.

In such situation you need to incorporate some effective strategies that help you make money online.

Though there are many effective techniques to improve your ranking, listed below are the top 7 SEO strategies which can help your website earn more through increased traffic:

1: Informative and quality content:  Today readers have become much smarter in their approach to a website and the selection of topics. Content that are just meant to fill up pages of a website are just not entertained.

You need to have a precise yet quality approach towards the presentation of the content on your website. Readers look for informative and quality content that has some matter of usefulness.

The articles that help them find the solutions to their problems thus become popular and attract more traffic than others. This leads to your website ranking higher in the search engine pages due to more clicks on the article link.

2: Non inclusion of forced keywords: Optimizing keywords of an article plays an important role in making the search process easier. It helps in the way that whenever you search for any content with that particular keyword or something similar your article is selected by the search engine.

However an important function of SEO is to make your readers stay on your page. But it would hardly be possible if you insert keywords in your article that are not suitable with the theme or the content.

Using such forced keywords gives a negative impression and decreases your content value.

3: Unique content based on facts: Research on any topic has become easier with so many websites covering the same topic with different approach.

In order to stand out of the crowd you can think of covering topics that have not been dealt before.

But you need to make sure that your article has sufficient factual data to back it up. The articles which lack proper data fail to create the right impact even with a unique approach.

4: Use of Affiliate linking: If you want to increase the traffic count for your website an important tool can be the use affiliate links. Back linking helps to make SEO more effective, this happens as you exchange your website link with other sites and blogs that get more traffic.

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If you can incorporate a quality article in that site which the readers find helpful, your affiliate link will bring back huge amount of traffic to your website. It also helps to make the SEO process smooth and error free.

5: Avoiding spam posts or links: Techniques that are based on falsehood and are designed to play tricks on the readers do not last long. They may bring you some traffic till the time the trick is not noticed.

However, when the spam posts or links are discovered you might have to face the perils. It shatters your website image and the readers may shun any further interaction on your website as spam posts and links are distracting and add no value.

You should also avoid using such ways for promoting your website as search engines do not encourage this practice and you may even get notified, banned or blocked.

6: Utilize social media marketing: Gone are the days when you had to depend solely on links, back links and affiliate links to get your website rank higher.

Today SEO marketing techniques have gone through a complete makeover thanks to social media marketing. This marketing technique involves use of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Pininterest etc. to promote your website effectively.

You can post about new blogs posts, press releases, news, updates and achievements of your website on these social media platforms to gain attention.

Many readers may find them interesting and may visit your site to get the complete information. In this way you can increase your site traffic without using unfair means.

7: Blogging as add on:  If you are fond of writing blogs you can think of starting a blog that covers the same theme as your website. You can write informative articles covering variety of topics and can link them to your main website. If you can make your blog popular and can reach out to a number of people it can help you to increase the traffic on your website automatically.


Author bio: Jonny is a financial blogger and a consultant with Easy Finance Community. He has written about variety of topics ranging from loans, credit cards to blogs, SEO and affiliate linking. Visit here EasyFinance Blog TwitterFacebook, Google+

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