8 Places to Find a Financial Mentor That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

Finding a mentor to help you through your monetary issues like credit card debt relief or some other problematic matters is more difficult than easy. A mentor can play a major role in getting you out of the quick sand of debt. The experience and guidance of a mentor can do wonders for people, but only if they’ve found the right person. If you can’t find yourself a mentor, Consolidated Credit Services are a provider of debt relief advice proven to be useful to many debtors.
Now the question of where to find these so-called mentors arises and the answer is simple.

Decide Who You Want

The first thing you need to do is decide on what kind of a person you would like as your mentor. The decision may vary on your needs. For example, focus on the specific field that you want your mentor or sponsor to advise on. Things like summing up courage to ask for a raise or advise on dressing can affect your job on huge level. Decide whether you want a mentor who is good at social skills or someone who works on the inside and just ask for his/her help.

Department of Human Resources

You could go to the human resource department of your organization and ask for any ongoing programs based on mentoring or sponsorship. A lot of big and famous organizations have mentoring programs that help improve the efficiency of their employees ultimately raising the standards of their own organization.

Ask Around

mentoring in financeWord usually spreads quickly among friends and office colleagues regardless of the topic. Ask around within your friend circle and trusted colleagues for any available mentors that can be of help to you. Don’t be shy. Express your need for having a mentor and someone will end up giving you an introduction or a contact number eventually. The mentor doesn’t have to have a business relationship with you when you know that you’re in dire need of credit card debt relief.

Social Networks

Socializing on the internet is a great way to find yourself a mentor that would suit your needs. These days, almost everyone is hooked on to social networks and you can find anyone from your Alma matter that possesses an online account. Sometimes searching for the right person can be difficult and then you could use the advanced people search option to find your person.

Experience Matters more than Age

Sometimes you can find young individuals who are way more experienced than you are in certain fields like information technology etc. There’s no shame in asking a younger person to become your mentor as his experience might be more useful to you than you think. Having worked with all kinds of developed software, a younger person would make an ideal mentor for teaching you the basics and advancements of technical know-how.

Ditch the Formality

You don’t have to be formal in asking someone to become your mentor, as it may be a surprise to them and they might not be ready to sponsor you just yet. Ask anyone you deem worthy to become your mentor. What you need to do is ask questions one by one and slowly get into the habit of asking for advice. This way, you and your mentor won’t even realize when you became his mentee and he your mentor.


People who write blogs or pamphlets or even books about financial crisis handling are a great source of sponsorship. With their experience in writing, they probably even possess the actual skills to make it into the real world. This can be greatly helpful if you can get them to become your mentor. Since these writers are good at giving advice, it would be like a habit for them and they wouldn’t charge as much for imparting their knowledge to others in hopes of creating a prodigy.

Remember to be grateful towards your mentors by showing them little gestures of appreciation from your side. Listen to their advice and apply it on your life situations. The change would be visibly fruitful. If looking for mentors and taking time for extensive search isn’t your thing, you can also go online and search for credit service centers. Consolidated Credit Services are a provider of debt relief advice.

Author bio:
The above article is composed and edited by Sarah James. She is associated with many finance and debt related companies as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to debt relief programs, can be a solution to keeping creditors at bay

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