New Rules Of Search Engine Optimization Tactics

I hope we are all aware of the new search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms that are in place now? It is imperative that you know the new tactics to use since the strategies people used a year or two ago would easily hurt your website rankings.

In the early 1990’s when search engine optimization began, rules never really applied. Online marketers applied Wild West methods to rank, those days almost anything worked.

But currently SEO rules keep changing all the time. In fact, in the year 2010 and 2011 the rules have kept on altering more than they have been doing in the last 10 years put together.

Now let us discuss the cream of it all and what you need to know and learn in order to succeed in search engine optimization.

1. Site Appearance has suddenly become a vital aspect of search engine optimization. Google has now included on the side of their page listing a small thumbnail view. The same applies to Bing, in fact Bing were the first to add this feature.

This preview mode feature will help internet browsers to see an instant preview of a site or blog thus decide if they will click on it or not. Therefore, you need to invest in making sure your homepage is attractive enough to compel people to visit your site.

2. Before, engines like Bing were never considered by marketers as places to optimize for. But this is not the case anymore since they joined forces with Yahoo. In short, am saying that it is a high time you thought to optimize your site to rank on Bing.

Do this by coming up with good article titles that are rich with your major keywords phrases. Also, your description should be rich with the same keyword terms.

The body of your content must contain your main keywords; mention them at least three times after every one hundred words. Note: do not over load your content with same keywords or your site may be considered as spam.

3.      Claim your Google Places listing right now. You can do this by visiting “”. What Google is trying say to online marketers is to take advantage of their local traffic.

Note: If you begin to notice a decline on traffic to your site or blog get your pals to tell you what they think of your site appearance compared to other sites in your niche (read 1 above).

Anyway do not worry; you still can succeed in search engine optimization since all of these rules apply to all individuals/webmasters. Just take time to learn them and how to apply them correctly.

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  1. It is becoming really hard to rank on Google especially. Sometimes i wonder how much of those rules one must obey or follow to rank on the first pages for your keywords. It’s like endless, however we need to continue to play the game of SEO if one must get organic traffic.

    • You can say that again George, but for guys like you and I who are seeking to make money online we have to keep at it. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your valuable comments. Come back and lets share ideas.

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