Viral Marketing Effect Brought By Micro-blogging

viral marketing effect

There are many viral marketing strategies in the market but currently micro-blogging tops the list. As an online business person by now you have noticed how people are cashing in from viral marketing software. But if you do not have the money to invest in a software the best tactic is joining sites like twitter, yammer and Plurk just to mention a few.

This article will discuss the advantages of micro-blogging:

Easy to use: Appearance of your blog determines reader retention thus you need to spend quite some time designing. But with the introduction of one line blogging (Microblogs) you do not have to worry about templates, text font and page layouts.

Mobile compatibility: Currently almost everyone has a mobile phone. Just imagine the viral marketing effect this can have on your online business links. The advantage comes in that you can connect your phone to these social media websites like twitter and, talk of doing business on the move.

Swiftness: If you want to reach people from all walks of life fast then microblogging is the way to go. You can network and connect to people you will maybe never meet face to face in the remotest parts of the world. Site like twitter have a feature called “Retweet”, where your followers can send your message to their followers and their followers, followers. Now if this is not real viral marketing then I do not know what is. All this can be achieved in amazing speeds.

Immediate responses: Now with this kind of blogging where users are connected to these sites full time, you can get responses in real-time. It does not matter the time lines of your network, for as long as they are online they will get your message and respond to it immediately.

Fun: The thought of receiving real-time messages is quite a thrill; this has even been enhanced with mobile blogging. You can get the latest gossips and news within a flash thus bringing out the full viral marketing capabilities caused by micro-blogs.

Next time we will be talking of the disadvantages of micro-blogs so keep in touch.

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